The healthcare industry is challenged to become more affordable, effective and accessible in an environment of rapid change and complexity. The successful healthcare enterprise of the future will be digitally enabled, consumer centric and have a flexible operating model.


In today’s global environment, rapid change is constant making it necessary to deploy cost effective, efficient implementation of innovative solutions without onerous challenges that local governments can face. With its promise of a faster path to the right results, especially on complex projects, DBP stands apart.


DBP works with units of local government, municipalities, quasi-governmental agencies such as development funds, trade associations, and government-owned companies to help them realize economic and social goals.


In today’s global environment, rapid change necessitates efficient technology implementation and the alleviation of potential security threats that deliver never-ending challenges for government agencies. With its promise of a faster path to the right results and more satisfied customers – especially on complex projects – DBP stands apart.


As regulations and technology continue to change, so does the insurance industry. Our clients recognize that technology and product innovation is necessary in order to remain successful. Opportunities grow for those that analyze, design, and propose advanced business strategies that integrate new technology.


Today’s energy and natural resources companies know that powering our world means thinking beyond industry definitions to push performance boundaries, redefine markets, and pursue innovation. DBP provides deep experience across the oil and gas, utilities and renewables, chemicals, mining and agribusiness  sectors to deliver operational excellence to help spur strategic growth.

Government Procurement

DBP Team, LLC is a highly recognized U.S. Government consulting firm comprised of subject matter experts that focus on and comprehend every element of the federal procurement field from business development, writing winning proposals, contract management, contract closeout, and claim resolution.