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John M. (Jack) Dorgan

Managing Partner

(847) 696-7211 (Rosemont)

(217) 544-6500 (Springfield)


John “Jack” Dorgan started his career as a legislative Intern from Loyola University working for the House GOP organization. His hard work and skilled street smarts quickly took notice and opened doors for him to Senior State Government and multiple positions in National, State and Local campaigns. Jack served in the Administration of Governor Jim Thompson as the Assistant Director of Personnel and Governmental Services and was the youngest member of Governor Jim Edgars Cabinet as the Executive Director of the State Liquor Commission and the youngest Director of a State Alcohol Beverage Agency in the Country, transforming the commission and leading the way for many policies that are still in place today.

After the GOP took control of the Illinois House, Dorgan was recruited to serve as the Deputy Chief of Staff, where he oversaw the policy and communication teams. He then left after the first term to start his own legislative consulting practice.

After two years in practice, Jack Dorgan merged his firm with the former Democrat House Majority Leader, Jim McPike. For almost two decades Dorgan, McPike and Associates handled top tier clients in the Corporate, Governmental and Not-For-Profit field.

Mr. Dorgan has been involved with numerous charitable organizations and since 1993 serves as an Elected Village Trustee for the Village of Rosemont, where he is Chairman of the Finance Committee. Jack resides with his family in Rosemont, Illinois.

Mr. Dorgan is also the second longest serving member of the Illinois GOP Central Committee and currently serves as the Chairman Emeritus of the State GOP. Dorgan is credited with taking the reins when the state party was in shambles and rebuilding a political organization that went on to historical wins at both the state and congressional levels. Jack is one of only two Chairman in the GOP history to remain a member of the governing body after his term in office expired.

Jack Dorgan believes that being an advocate requires certain skills and a keen understanding of how good public policy is created. Understanding people and their politics is critical to the success of any initiative. Having a solid reputation and personal relationships are critical to opening doors but having a true understanding of how an issue effects a legislator in their district is what makes our firm second to none.